Gearblade The Relic

Tales of the Gearblade | Cook 11 Acknowledgements Amber and SamSam Thank you always to my Critique Group Partners. Cole Gibsen, T.W. Fendley, Jennifer Lynn Check out their books! All hail the ancient blacksmith who forged the first sword. A quick shout out to Write Pack Radio. A great group of writers producing a weekly podcast. Check it out on, iTunes, and YouTube. I wouldn’t be where I am without St. Louis Writers Guild. A big thank you to Jay and Kristi of Steampunk St. Louis! A great group of truly creative people Lastly, thank you to you, the reader. I appreciate you coming on this journey with me. I’ve been trying to write this story for a longtime and now that it is finally coming to fruition, I am excited to have you read it. I started fencing when I was thirteen, and have revered swords longer than that. Enjoy the sword fights, duels, and steampunk fun… I did.