Gearblade The Relic

Tales of the Gearblade | Cook 3 1 The Relic Flame licked the bottom of a beaker, forcing the crimson fluid through the glass coil. Setting a drip, I covered specific zones of a petri dish. Removing a vial from the wooden rack of test tubes, I used a dropper to place a solitary drop of the accused’s blood on a slide. Adjusting the mirror to best catch the candle light, I twisted the brass knobs to focus the microscope on the particles of blood. “Creature or human?” Through the lens, I watched the cells shifting about. Captain La Strange, an imposing man in a silver-trimmed jacket, paced on the other side of the table. “Georgia… Ms. Bennett, reports have demons in the area.” “I was right.” Sitting up, I tucked a lock of auburn hair behind my ear. “Tuberculosis, not a vampire.” The captain unfolded his arms. “That’s a relief.” A young crewman with a thin moustache and a striped shirt, stepped into my lab and handed the captain a note. La Strange glanced down at the words, and then passed the folded parchment to me. Family spotted. Heading to ceremony. They intend to perform the ritual. I set the note down, “Appears like I’ll be taking a stroll tonight.” The captain dismissed the crewman, “Allow me to send some men with you.” “What makes you think I need men?” Through narrow eyes I awaited his answer. He raised his hands. “You’re not even French. They will fear you. Let me send some extra blades, just in case.” “I work alone. Besides, Vampire would be a challenge, villagers… I’ll be fine, trust me.” “Why don’t we collect what we came here for, and forget about your science…” “Soon.” I blew out the candle heating the beaker and shut down my experiment. “I want to stop this vampire hysteria before anyone else dies.” “Of course, Ms. Bennet.” Captain La Strange bowed, but paused as he reached the hatch. “Le Tonnerre will be waiting.”