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Welcome to the International Steampunk Guild

The Steampunk Guild honors the fine artistry, craftsmanship, literary genre, elegant whimsical attire, amazing inventions and antics of everything that is Steampunk.

Founded by Dr. Phineas T. Kastle, professor emeritus, airship captain, and Explorer.

For the preservation, upliftment, education and support of our Steampunk Community.

We welcome all people around the world who love the Steampunk Genre in all its ramifications : Literature, Making Accessories, Art, Jewelry, Guns, Hats, Fashion/Garb, Movies and Games, Activities like tea dueling, teapot racing, airship racing, self defense with walking stick and parasol, paranormal occult theosophical inquiries, time travel, adventuring, safaris, Steampunk Music and Entertainment, Steampunk Conventions and Events, Enthusiasts of balloons airships, Time machines, wizardry and wands, etc. to Join the Guild for Fun, Friendship, and Camaraderie.

We are here to give love, understanding, support and applause!

Make your submissions of your photos makings and guild activities to

Guild Locations

Paris, France; San Diego, CA; San Luis Obispo, CA; Florence, OR; Reno, NV; San Jose, CA; Modesto, CA; Fresno, CA; Demoins, IA; Austin, TX; New Orleans, LA; St. Louis, MO; London Hammersmith England; and Hastings, England, Milan Italy, New Delhi, India.

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